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Grain Tech Bangladesh Exhibition & Conference -2024
25-27 April 2024 at ICCB, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Grain Tech Bangladesh is Promote technological up-gradation and value addition in all segments of rice, wheat, pulses, oilseeds, spices, dairy & feed, and all other food sectors. The last edition of Grain Tech Bangladesh had the contribution from over 30 countries around the world such as Turkey, India, Poland, France, Italy, UK, China, USA, Holland, Spain, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Oman, Iran, Brazil and UAE etc., who displayed their comprehensive range of products and technologies in the grain industry. This year we are expecting more countries come to Bangladesh for technological connections with their counter parts and tap the huge potential of Bangladesh market.

Why exhibit?

1. Meet and connect with potential Clients

2. Strengthen your bond with existing customers

3. Learn about new developments in your industry

4. Meet new companies that can help your business

5. Close deals with new customers during the show

6. Strengthen (or establish) your brand

7. Learn what your competitors are doing right

8. Rapidly expand your database of sales leads

9. Speak directly to your target market

10. Optimize your sales and lead generation strategy

11. Growing market opportunities in the booming Asian region


Bakery Owner








New Entrepreneur


Radhika Naggar , Regional Sales Manager || Ben & Gaws, India || 10th Grain Tech Bangladesh-2022

Bekir Altuntas , Chairman || ALTUNTAS GROUP, Turkey ||10th Grain Tech Bangladesh-2022

Volkan Gulse , Chief Sales Officer || ALAPROS, Turkey ||10th Grain Tech Bangladesh-2022

Moshfeq Ullah Rafiq || Buhler(Bangladesh) Pvt. Ltd || 10th Grain Tech Bangladesh-2022

Ahmet Cagatay Yilmaz , Area Sales Manager || Erkaya Instruments|| 10th Grain Tech Bangladesh-2022

Mohan Rawat & Gopal Sharma || Golden Rolls Pvt. Ltd || 10th Grain Tech Bangladesh-2022

Mr.Lutfullah Hashimi || Endustriyel Elektrik, Turkey || 10th Grain Tech Bangladesh-2022

Mr. Ekrem Emirali || ALTINBILEK, Turkey || 10th Grain Tech Bangladesh-2022

Mr. Levent COSKUN || Bastak Instruments, Turkey || Grain Tech Bangladesh-2022

Rustom Mistry, Senior Vice President || AGI || 11th Grain Tech Bangladesh- 2023

Moreno De Marchi, Sales Manager || Mill Service SPA || 11th Grain Tech Bangladesh-2023

Seyit Ahmet Polatcan, General Manager || Yasar Group, Turkey || 11th Grain Tech Bangladesh -2023

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